When the feelings of hope and euphoria you experience in your dreams keep with you all day but the realities don’t.

That’s the worst.


Downward spiral begins in approximately 22 hours.


So off.


Well, Here goes


Toooooo pointless in high school. Maturity wise, we’re not wired to commit to anything that long term yet, as we are in the “Go Cray” stage of our lives. Committing to something life long this early in our lives is only gonna bite us in the ass. And honestly without forever, a relationship just ends up in heartbreaking pain. A separation of friends. I splitting of lives. Eventually you don’t talk to or even acknowledge that person who used to be the object of your life for so long. I mean this is probably in correlation wish just how many times this whole love thing has let me down in the past and continues to as we speak. These days to find a girl you have to bend over backwards, and have the body of channing tatum just to have girls look at you. Meanwhile I’m just like hey, I’m a chill dude, what’s good, let’s hang. The girl is just like ahhh Connor likes me thats weird I don’t want that and I’m over here like DAFUQ?! When did I give the slightest hint that I was interested in you? Maybe if we actually knew eachother you could start thinking that but I’m just trying to chill. I mean the relationship has become pretty much a status symbol for us high schoolers these days when most of us don’t even know what it is. 

Whatever though. Y’all have fun, and if it works out, then I’m happy for you. I’ve just been hurt, turned down and fucked over far too many times to give a fuck about this shit anymore.



Every time I step up to the plate, I seem to strike out. Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s just the game these days. I guess it’ll be that special when I finally hit one out of the park. One day……

We’re not talking about baseball here…

Let’s go some place by the water

Let’s go some place by the water

let’s take a walk…

let’s take a walk…

My future…

SOMEONE: “Don’t you remember doing that in High School?”

ME: “No, I was busy studying…”

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program:

Destroying fun one social life at a time since 1968

Someone PLEASE remind me…

…Never let the places I haven’t been become the places I’ll never get to.

BEST ABSENT NOTE EVER!5 year old kid from New York whose dad introduced Obama at Honeywell. 


5 year old kid from New York whose dad introduced Obama at Honeywell.